The past few weeks have blessed us with sun and perfect conditions for golfing. I would like to congratulate the Arnold Cup participants, finalists, and the Committee that put it all together for the great time everyone had. To see the golfing membership together so early in the season and the weather accommodating it all made the event truly special. Place the Palmer Cup on the heels of our tournament and it made for some really interesting golf to watch. People falsely think our course is easy due to it being a par 69….tell that to the winner who finished +9!!

The complements that were paid by the membership and tournament outsiders to Chase and his team are truly appreciated as they have worked many hours to get the course in prime condition for all of us to enjoy.

Paving Update:

With the short two weeks we were able to lock small projects around the course. We have paved the area around the #5 bridge and did some additional clean-up in that area to alleviate the flooding that occurs from the stream. Paving crew still needs to fill in what I call the “speed cracks” along the path to the snack shack so that should be completed relatively soon.

Hole #13 received a major overhaul along the left side approach path that heads up to the green with the path being totally rebuilt and restructured to be a very flat surface. We still need to do the area from the tee box to the bridge that was damaged when the water pipe broke last year.

Couple the left side #13 path work with the major cracks we had at the “triangle” where the paths intersect going to the range and hole #14, you now have a smooth transition into #14 tee box.

Work on #14 was also pretty extensive…filling in “speed cracks” along with a straight pass once you come out of the curve. This required moving a big rock and hammering out the residual. Path is now in really good shape….

Offshoot of work on #14 including cleaning up and dressing up the range a little by fixing the area in front of the range ball cleaning shed, which makes the entire area look that much better.

This coming week we are going to try and focus on hole #7 and #8. Weather permitting, we need to get heavy equipment out to the back side of the course, once completed, the crew can then do #9 and #10 before swinging back to #2 and other areas.

Other Projects:

- Sod work around the course continues. We are at a point now where we will need to pull back as the heat will start to affect the roots taking hold. As many of you have noticed, we have been watering the areas extensively so that sod will take and blend.​

- Hole #2- Chase and team have been working to return a portion of the hole to the master plan concept by making the right-side of the course more fairway grass and the left side more of a rough approach. The team has also extended the green complex down towards the bunker on the right side and done additional work in the center from 125 yards in. The hole is shaping up nice and we believe everyone will like it.

- While digging on the path near the tennis courts to find out the water path going into #2 fairway, we ripped up some power lines that were not properly marked. Sorry to everyone for the piece of pavement that we now need to replace, but the run-off onto #2 fairway has been getting worse and we are trying to see what options we have.

Several members have approached us with suggestions and concerns. The “green tee complex” on hole #5, will now have a walking path that takes you from the bridge where your cart is parked, over to the tees themselves. This should deal with the mud/water issue in that area. Other areas where members would like us to distance the green tees from the whites….we do what we can in this regard. Sections of the master plan call for new tee complexes to be completed and without a capital sponsor for such extensive work, it will need to wait until we have funds to do the holes in question.

We will also be doing some clean-up again on the hill overlooking the tennis courts behind the pizza oven during slow days. This is a “dead area” where not much will take, but Chase and the Committee have a few ideas.

Several members have asked about divots on the tee boxes and fairways. We also need to discuss “ball marks” on the greens themselves….. for tee boxes, please do not fill in your divot marks. The Ground Crew will fill in the divots accordingly during their morning tee complex routine. In the fairways, please use the mix that is in your carts to fix IF you cannot replace the divot itself with the pelt. I would suggest checking the mix when you take the carts out to ensure you have ample supply and the pro-shop staff can assist with getting you what you require. For ball marks on the greens, try to fix what you see…I know we all do our best in this regard, but we can always do a little better for our fellow golfers.

More to follow…..

As always, we thank the membership for their support and hope everyone has an enjoyable experience at the CCW.