Head Golf Professional

Tom Gleeton joined the Country Club of Waterbury as Head Golf Professional in 1993, but his association with the club began 25 years earlier. As a young boy growing up in Waterbury, Tom quickly recalls how he spent the summers of 1968 and 1969 - "I remember coming out here as a kid every day during the summers . . . My dad would drop us off at 8 in the morning, we'd play 18, have a sandwich, and then play another 18."

Gleeton went to Florida Southern, where he was a two-time All-American and won the 1979 NCAA Division II championship. After a couple years as an assistant club professional in Florida, he qualified for and joined the PGA tour in 1986. He made the cut in about half the tournaments he entered, but didn't earn enough to qualify for a second year, so he returned to the club pro's life. "I feel lucky to work at a place like this . . .", Gleeton said. As for the Club membership — anyone who has had the good fortune to work with Tom already knows the Club is equally lucky to have him.

Since the late 1920's when members first began playing on the new Donald Ross design, the Country Club of Waterbury has principally been served by five head golf professionals.